Nov 20, 2009

neglected sewing machine

well, I knew the last time a needle broke was a bad one but I just kept going on, until I kept breaking threads and snagging fabric. here is my throat plate, you can see the gashes that have been snagging, the one on the left is huge and there is a sliver of metal hanging off!

then I discovered the underneath...YUK!

Sep 30, 2009

Zipper repair in pants for Flor

this is my first ever zipper replacement, I don't know how I have avoided these so long but I am surprised how well it went together. Of course I couldn't find the same color zipper to match the beige pants but I am please with the light cream. and it save Flor from loosing her favorite beige pants.
I removed the original zipper carefully keeping it in place with pins then slipped the new zipper exactly in same position then sewed carefully. I would really have to love a pair of pant to do this again though.

Jul 25, 2009

kitchen light redo

we finally got a kitchen light to replace the one that sparked and burned out our first week in the house (it took 2 years!). it's from the Restore ( a great place for 2nd hand house supplies), it cost 12$!.
We spray painted the the decorative nut silver from the outdated brass then I found some great craft paper ( the kind for scrap-booking) to cover the old wood frame, this was such a easy project, just folded the paper and cut, used some double sided tape to attach the paper to the wood. it should hold for a while, I might need to add some glue if the tape quits holding.

I used a similar method for this lamp but used masking tape- which did not hold long, I will have to reinforce soon but basically used the old shade as a pattern for my decorative paper.

Jul 22, 2009

before and after painted dining room buffet

I bought this wood buffet at a thrift store for 20$, it was very dirty and the wood was paneled on the side making it look outdated. I used steel wool to clean and prep for painting.

I primed and painted it beige. I was inspired by all the vinyl stickers out there for walls but they cost more than I would pay so I painted a tree motif in a lighter shade of beige with dark red berrys. I still need drawer pulls, the originals where quite small.

Jul 21, 2009

homemade potholders

I made new potholders for my new kitchen, I used fabric from a yard sale and grosgrain ribbon, there is a layer of fusible fleece on the inside and I used ironing board fabric ( found at Jo-Anns) for the 'hot' side, I'm hoping this will extend their life.

Jul 13, 2009

Kitchen dining room before and after

These pics are from when we where thinking of buying the house, so the furniture is not ours. notice the wall to wall wallpaper and the entire kitchen is painted yellow.

And After....
after 1 week of stripping and cleaning, removing carpet and fixing plaster we chose 5 colors (including ceiling) (Dutch Boy Paint) we took out the bar with plans to put something there. 4 new light fixtures and new hardware. I saw the 2-tone kitchen cabinets (top different than bottom) in a DIY mag. and I just love the added interest. Also we painted the dishwasher ( Note: do not use the appliance spray paint- too many drips, I used oil based enamel). I sort-0f wanted a slightly retro colors with the cabinets so I was please with the lower drawer pulls. I'm very glad its done, it took about 2.5 weeks ( in-between work).

plate clock

well this is pretty self-explanitory, I drilled a whole through a plastic plate, it nearly cracked. I bought a darice movement and sticker numbers, the hands touched the outside of the plate where it slightly curves out so I had to trim them a little. less than 10$ for the whole project!
next time I will take a little more care in number placement and centering the hole.

May 24, 2009

sewing for michelle

these are monsters for a middle school play,  I used Simplicity 4871 we added about 2 inches to each seam to fit middleschoolers. we made the hands with 3 fingers and claw like nails, we didn't make the hat - the kids used face paint. I'll add a pattern review soon

Jan 11, 2009


Well I knew my last purse wasn't going to be big enough, what was I thinking trying to go smaller?  so I made this very basic purse/ book-bag. I am taking a couple college classes that are not online and actually have to go to a classroom so wanted something thats big enough for holding a folder and a textbook at least. It has one large outside pocket and a zippered pocket, I placed the zipper behind the pink piping to hide it a little.  I really didn't want to set in a top zipper so I added a lip on the inside that has a drawstring; this is my first one and I really like the end result. AND this project was 100% stash fabric.

Altoid ipod nano case

well I can't understand why ipod cases cost 20$ or even 10$ so after I saw a tutorial on Instructables I decided to make my own ipod nano (4th gen.) case out of an altoids tin, the total cost for this was 0$ because I had all the supplies already. I used a nail to make the hole for the ear phones then used an awl to gently increase the size , I had planned on using a grommet but I couldn't find one big enough, then I used a craft brass clasp for the closure, it has a nice tight fit.  I used scrap quilted fabric and glue for the inside. It's quite a snug fit so the ribbon is like a pull tab. I think if I make another one I might use cardboard instead of fabric, and maybe add a little handle.  Over all I am really pleased with the results.

Jan 1, 2009

quest for the perfect purse

my newest purse inspired by Simplicity 5308 view B. what I like about it: 
1. it has a flap, which I like but sometimes I get annoyed with flaps that sometimes get in the way so I added to the  outside covering 2 large pockets- the main compartment is access by zipper on top
2. it has a short handle and a larger handle that can clip off and tuck into large outside back pocket, I use the short handle most of the time but for hands-free shopping its nice to have the large handle accessible
3.All the fabric came from my stash

What I don't like:
1. the elastic on the back pocket isn't tight enough it gaps a lot and I think it looks diaper-baggy
2. the front pockets are gappy, I should have given them more dimension along the bottom
3. no dedicated cell phone pocket