Jan 11, 2009


Well I knew my last purse wasn't going to be big enough, what was I thinking trying to go smaller?  so I made this very basic purse/ book-bag. I am taking a couple college classes that are not online and actually have to go to a classroom so wanted something thats big enough for holding a folder and a textbook at least. It has one large outside pocket and a zippered pocket, I placed the zipper behind the pink piping to hide it a little.  I really didn't want to set in a top zipper so I added a lip on the inside that has a drawstring; this is my first one and I really like the end result. AND this project was 100% stash fabric.

Altoid ipod nano case

well I can't understand why ipod cases cost 20$ or even 10$ so after I saw a tutorial on Instructables I decided to make my own ipod nano (4th gen.) case out of an altoids tin, the total cost for this was 0$ because I had all the supplies already. I used a nail to make the hole for the ear phones then used an awl to gently increase the size , I had planned on using a grommet but I couldn't find one big enough, then I used a craft brass clasp for the closure, it has a nice tight fit.  I used scrap quilted fabric and glue for the inside. It's quite a snug fit so the ribbon is like a pull tab. I think if I make another one I might use cardboard instead of fabric, and maybe add a little handle.  Over all I am really pleased with the results.

Jan 1, 2009

quest for the perfect purse

my newest purse inspired by Simplicity 5308 view B. what I like about it: 
1. it has a flap, which I like but sometimes I get annoyed with flaps that sometimes get in the way so I added to the  outside covering 2 large pockets- the main compartment is access by zipper on top
2. it has a short handle and a larger handle that can clip off and tuck into large outside back pocket, I use the short handle most of the time but for hands-free shopping its nice to have the large handle accessible
3.All the fabric came from my stash

What I don't like:
1. the elastic on the back pocket isn't tight enough it gaps a lot and I think it looks diaper-baggy
2. the front pockets are gappy, I should have given them more dimension along the bottom
3. no dedicated cell phone pocket