Jul 25, 2009

kitchen light redo

we finally got a kitchen light to replace the one that sparked and burned out our first week in the house (it took 2 years!). it's from the Restore ( a great place for 2nd hand house supplies), it cost 12$!.
We spray painted the the decorative nut silver from the outdated brass then I found some great craft paper ( the kind for scrap-booking) to cover the old wood frame, this was such a easy project, just folded the paper and cut, used some double sided tape to attach the paper to the wood. it should hold for a while, I might need to add some glue if the tape quits holding.

I used a similar method for this lamp but used masking tape- which did not hold long, I will have to reinforce soon but basically used the old shade as a pattern for my decorative paper.

Jul 22, 2009

before and after painted dining room buffet

I bought this wood buffet at a thrift store for 20$, it was very dirty and the wood was paneled on the side making it look outdated. I used steel wool to clean and prep for painting.

I primed and painted it beige. I was inspired by all the vinyl stickers out there for walls but they cost more than I would pay so I painted a tree motif in a lighter shade of beige with dark red berrys. I still need drawer pulls, the originals where quite small.

Jul 21, 2009

homemade potholders

I made new potholders for my new kitchen, I used fabric from a yard sale and grosgrain ribbon, there is a layer of fusible fleece on the inside and I used ironing board fabric ( found at Jo-Anns) for the 'hot' side, I'm hoping this will extend their life.

Jul 13, 2009

Kitchen dining room before and after

These pics are from when we where thinking of buying the house, so the furniture is not ours. notice the wall to wall wallpaper and the entire kitchen is painted yellow.

And After....
after 1 week of stripping and cleaning, removing carpet and fixing plaster we chose 5 colors (including ceiling) (Dutch Boy Paint) we took out the bar with plans to put something there. 4 new light fixtures and new hardware. I saw the 2-tone kitchen cabinets (top different than bottom) in a DIY mag. and I just love the added interest. Also we painted the dishwasher ( Note: do not use the appliance spray paint- too many drips, I used oil based enamel). I sort-0f wanted a slightly retro colors with the cabinets so I was please with the lower drawer pulls. I'm very glad its done, it took about 2.5 weeks ( in-between work).

plate clock

well this is pretty self-explanitory, I drilled a whole through a plastic plate, it nearly cracked. I bought a darice movement and sticker numbers, the hands touched the outside of the plate where it slightly curves out so I had to trim them a little. less than 10$ for the whole project!
next time I will take a little more care in number placement and centering the hole.