Feb 20, 2011

Make a Unique Pin Cushion

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Just a little project using a votive candle holder to make a pin cushion. I decided to added the piping at the last minute to fill the gaps and I'm glad I did, a little pipping goes a long way. After stitching the piping to the cushion I used heavy duty glue to adhere it.  Now I'll be looking for other interesting votive holders, I'd love to see what you come up with!

the finished piece...

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Feb 11, 2011

this little owl has a secret...

this little owl has a secret...

he is hiding something...
From beanie baby to ipod cozy!

When my ipod is not in use ( or even if it is) this little cozy keeps it warm and hidden away.Here is a before of what the toy looked like below . I sewed elastic around the opening, used the tail to make the head part (where the hat was): from the back:

Feb 5, 2011

Print Your Own Monthly Planner

Free custom monthly planner made my me in Indesign. I had been looking around for something like this but couldn't find anything... so I made one and decided to share it anyone in the world
Print it out on 8" by 11" paper then cut in half and hole punch. I used specialty 2 sided scrapbook paper for a unique look. but any paper would work. If you have suggestions for future editions drop me a comment and share your projects
Click here to start your printing!

Feb 2, 2011

Customized Planner

I bought a planner on clearance that was a little boring, it was really easy to customize it to be unique. I was able to sew over the existing cover ( through the cardboard- easier than it sounds), then glued around the tab and magnetic closure.

Also I created a custom monthly planner in Indesign that I printed out on 2 sided speciallty scrap-book paper, with a 3-hole punch and a rotory cutter its one of a kind.
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Print your own plannner: download the custom monthly planner pdf here

More Diaper Bags

McCalls B4560
these are a comission, one in pink and one in blue. I added strap adjusters per request, I had to special order 2" adjusters, they just don't sell those at the store. other than that I put the plastic canvas on the bottom instead of the back. I have made this pattered at least 8 times now and I love it more and more each time

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