Dec 22, 2013

The Year of No

Anyone who knows me, that I sew, maybe you have something I made. Its only a matter of time for someone to ask me to make something for them, for someone else, to fix something etc. Of course people offer to pay etc. I have been happy to sew for other people for many years. But now, going forth, I have to say no, sorry. I would be happy to help you make something. I have precious little spare time. I don't even have a quilt for myself, I have a huge pile of my clothes I need to hem. I have projects that are tucked away, not even started. The truth is the actual cost to make someone something would be usually higher than anyone willing to pay, I haven't priced things as they should in the past, but for example it takes an entire day to make a diaper bag, but in the past I only charged a little more than supplies. So, I am still going to make gifts, because I love to make things for people, I love giving gifts I have created especially for someone. I think about that person as I make it, how they will use it etc. And I will still make things to sell. But please don't ask me to fix something or make something for a friend.

Jan 31, 2013

Diaper Bag Again...

I knew sooner or later I would be asked to make a camouflage diaper bag, though I didn't know how nice it would look. The blue detail is sparse but the inside is all blue. I knew the 2 bags would be used by the soon-to-be dad's so I tried to make them neutral. (camo bag- pattern Butterick 4560) I have made this bag so many times I think I am going to retire it soon, I just want something a little more updated, and a little smaller. Bottom pics, I've had a special request for a different diaper bag, I sort of mashed up that (above) pattern with Simplicity 1823. I used outdoor fabric ( waterproof!) to give a more urban updated feeling and much more durable than cotton. Also I used sport mesh for pockets (inside) which I really love (bottom pic). And reflector piping tape on the outside for visablitiy (they are bikers). Safety First! My Blue Heaven 1928 Blue Skies 1927 Honeysuckle Rose If you want the rainbow 1928 Comojos 1911